February 14, 2016
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Darren Aronofsky - director of The Wrestler, Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain
Dave Attell - Host of "The Gong Show with Dave Attell", Host of "Insomniac with Dave Attell" on Comedy Central
Rob Bartlett - Seen on Broadway in "The Odd Couple", "Sweet Charity", "Little Shop of Horrors", "More to Love", and "Chicago"
Jim Breuer - Berr League, Saturday Night Live, MTV
Brett Butler - Moochers, Star of hit sitcom "Grace Under Fire"
Dave Chappelle - Host of "Chappelle Show" on Comedy Central, the films "Nutty Professor" and "You've Got Mail"
Erin Davie - Broadway: Grey Gardens (Little Edie)
Alana De La Garza - CSI: Miami, New assistant D.A. - Law & Order
Nick Di Paolo - The current cast of Louis CK's show, "Louie," on FX
Mike Epps - Comic Relief 2006, The Honeymooners (Ed Norton - 2005), Something New (Walter -2006), Talk to Me (2007)
Jim Gaffigan - My Boys, Star of TV's "The Ellen Show" and "Welcome to New York" and has appeared on "Late Night with David Letterman".
Kevin Hart - Epic movie, Scary Movie 3 & 4, Barbershop, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Soul Plane
Tom Hertz - Writer for TV's "Spin City" and creator of "Married to the Kellys"
Jon Manfrelotti - Grilled, Cast member of TV's - Everybody Loves Raymond
Finesse Mitchell - Mad Money, cast member Saturday Night Live
Modi - Cast member of Ben Stiller's upcoming TV comedy (CBS)
Jim Morris - America's Number One Political Impressionist and Satirist, starred in comedy specials on ABC, CBS, Cinemax and HBO
Naturi Naughton - Broadway: Hairspray (Inez), Platinum vocal artist-"3LW"
Jim Norton - series regular on the HBO's Lucky Louie, Spiderman, The Colin Quinn Show, Ed
Michael Patrick King - Executive Producer and Headwriter for HBO's "Sex and the City"
Joey Kola - The King of Queens, Writer for "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" and star of his own "Comedy Central Presents" special.
John Kawie - Winner of the Best Solo Show, NYC Fringe Festival 2003
Don McEnry - Writer for "A Bug's Life", Emmy Award winning writer for TV's "Seinfeld"
Paul Mercurio - Emmy Award winning writer for Comedy Central's "The Daily Show"
Ken Ober - Executive Producer of Comedy Central's "Tough Crowd", also starred in the film "Parenthood" with Steve Martin
Brian Regan - Star of his own specials on both Showtime and Comedy Central
Tony Rock - Cast Member of "Everybody Hates Chris", Cast Member of 'All of Us' on UPN
Joe Rogan - Host of TV's "Fear Factor" and cast member of "News Radio"
Mike Royce - Head writer for TV's "Everybody Loves Raymond"
Tom Shillue - "Comedy Central Presents...Tom Shillue"
Mike Sweeney - Daytime Emmy Winner, Head writer for TV's "Conan O'Brien"
Wanda Sykes - Evan Almighty, Comedy Central and HBO's Inside the NFL
Gary Valentine - I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Cast member of TV's "King of Queens"


JoAnna with Emmy Award Winning Student Ray Romano

JoAnna with Dave Chappelle of Chappelle's Show

JoAnna with Kim Cattrall & Michael Patrick King of Sex and the City

Happy Holiday with Dom Irrera!

Skanks for the Memories from Dave Attel

With Star Pupils Joe Starr & Will Vought

Let's Be Critical! JoAnna with NY1's Neil Levin

Class Photo

Class Photo

Class Photo

Class Photo

Class Photo

Class Photo



"I have had the great pleasure to work with JoAnna Beckson in both Acting workshops,and private coaching, as well as witness her work with other Actors. She is the best there is!! JoAnna is alive with the light of a truly gifted, inspired, and dedicated teacher and coach. With great instincts, and a keen eye and wit.....She gets results. Always fun,and with an award winning sense of humor. It's rare to find a teacher who genuinely cares about actors, their growth, and their process. She has been a vital contributing factor towards my success. I would highly recommend JoAnna to anyone who might be serious about growing as an Actor, and as an Artist, as well as booking that next audition."
- William Brown /Actor

It's amazing to me "to see stand-ups use your training to extend laughs from bits formerly just told, now acted."
- Lou Viola
Personal manager
Former Senior Talent Producer, HBO's US Comedy Arts Festival/Aspen
Producer, PSNBC (NBC's live performance development lab)

"As much as I learned about acting from you, I also learned a lot about how to make a learning environment feel safe and how to help students grow and achieve their full potential."
- Beth Adler

"JoAnna pushes with one hand while patting your back with the other."
- Helene Galek

"I never thought I'd be into an acting class as much as I dig this one. I attribute that to the fact that you are a cool-ass chick and an AMAZING teacher. The universe aligned for me and led me to your studio!! So excited for what's to come!!"
- Rachael Robbins

Your classes are paying off for me and it's no surprise. People have been complimenting me on my appearances on LOUIE and i tell them i owe it all to Miss Beckson and Sandy Meisner. Thanks again Joanna (aka Vince Lombardi) Glad to see you are still spreading your knowledge! xox
- Nick Di Paolo

"Joanna's class and coaching was life altering. I explored more in that class then I ever thought imaginable and it made me the comic, actor and most importantly, the person I am today."
- Vince August

You are first on my list of people, that had I had the time and weren't having an out of body experience, I would have and should have mentioned. I remember when.
- Ray Romano - Everybody Loves Raymond - Regarding Emmy Acceptance Speech 2002

"I am sure one day I will be talking about 'The week I worked with JoAnna."
-Max Makowski, Director - Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

"Studying with JoAnna was one of the best gifts I could have ever given myself."
- Maureen Reese - Alumni

"...but the most productive learning in my training and education took place during my studies with JoAnna Beckson...[I was] given priceless advice on auditioning, finding an agent, acting for film vs. stage, etc. Ms. Beckson's background as an AEA, SAG, and AFTRA actress who not only worked, but is still working, gives the student actor the benefits of her life experience."
- Amy Feinberg - Artistic Director/The Hypothetical Theatre Company

"As an acting teacher, I have found her acting students to be infused with her enthusiasm and discipline; and at least two of her students that I have met have gone on to form their own theatre and acting companies...JoAnna Beckson is a prize."
- Charles Leipart - Playwright

"JoAnna Beckson is one of the best teachers I've ever had. Her class is challenging, but well worth it. Her enthusiasm for the craft is both motivating and inspiring and she brings out the best in her students, as actors and as human beings overall. Lastly, her wealth of knowledge is invaluable."
- NYU Student Evaluation

"Overall, working with JoAnna Beckson has made me a professional actor."
- Maureen Reese - Alumni

"JoAnna Beckson is an amazing teacher. Her Sit-Com Audition Workshop was a major eye-opener for me. Other classes gave me technical tricks for the camera, but JoAnna's class made my comedy come from the heart."
- Jonny Fido, Alumni

"Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and if you're serious about your craft, JoAnna Beckson takes you to the next level. I have never left JoAnna Beckson's studio not feeling like I could take over the world. I guarantee others will notice."
- Karith Foster, Alumni

"(JoAnna) sees right through to the heart of characters and can break down scenes, and even lines, moment by moment. Her eye is always on the details while never losing sight of the whole piece. She is truly a gifted teacher and coach."
- Joe Starr, Alumni

"The difference between JoAnna's class and a class taught by a casting director is that JoAnna has been on both sides of the camera."
- Jonny Fido, Alumni

"There's no hiding or faking with her. She'll make you dig deep and give the challenging performance you've always longed for."
- John Kawie, 2002 Fringe Festival Winner

"Joanna Beckson is an incredibly caring, highly perceptive and very talented actress who brings these attributes to work both in her performances and in the classroom. [She]is an incredible teacher. The kind you are lucky to meet and that come along only once in a lifetime."
- Jay S. Potter, Alumni and Actor

"JoAnna Beckson's classes have been a tremendous help to me from preparation to audition. And I never go to an audition without at least one meeting with JoAnna."
- Tony Rock - Cast Member of All of Us (UPN)

"I look at JoAnna as a great director rather than a teacher. Did you ever come out of an audition and say to yourself "I wish I could go back in there and do that one more time"? That's why I work with JoAnna before an audition-we work the scene, improvise, and try different possibilities (mistakes and bad choices are welcome). Then, when I read for the producers, it's "no regrets"."
- Tom Shillue - Actor

"[While coaching me for an ABC Pilot, JoAnna] said the character fit me perfectly, and that I was gonna get the part. And I got it!"
- Tony Rock - All of Us (UPN)

"Working with JoAnna prior to an audition is the best possible thing you could ever do for yourself as an actor. You will gain insight, confidence, and will walk through the door feeling completely prepared. I have come to JoAnna with nothing more than two lines of dialogue, and she has helped me find more specific, 'actable' moments than I could pull from an entire script on my own. With JoAnna in your pocket, you'll find within yourself that little extra 'edge' you'll need to get a callback. And trust me, you'll get called back."
- Rob Bartlett - "Little Shop of Horrors", "Chicago", and "More to Love" on Broadway

"Her insights and instincts are flawless in helping you to discover choices that you would never find on your own, yet feel so obviously right and true, you wonder why you never thought of them yourself. Of course, she'll tell you you did think of them yourself. But you'll know better." - Rob Bartlett - "Little Shop of Horrors", "Chicago", and "More to Love" on Broadway

"The way in which JoAnna Beckson runs her pilot workshop is unlike any other studio. No one prepares you more for what its really like when you walk in that room. She makes you get very comfortable with the circumstances, in every class, and brings a level of experience we all should be greatful to have."
- Will Blagrove


"'Say Something Funny' happens to be the most accurate look at Stand-Up comedy we've ever seen in any medium."
- Bill Ervolino - New York Post

"Under JoAnna Beckson's astute direction, both [Ron Stetson and Robin Polk, "Deep Sleepers"] had just the right light touch..."
- Victor Gluck - Back Stage

"This show ["Say Something Funny"] and everyone in it has a future..."
- Peter Filichia - TheaterWeek

"JoAnna Beckson's direction is open and snappy, giving [Debbie Kasper, "Finishing Mr. Bodega Head"] space and a focus for her ample energy."
- Les Kozaczek - The Keene Sentinal, NH

"...Ms. Beckson came extremely well-prepared, bringing to the job both a creative and professional demeanor, nurturing a healthy and sane environment in which to work."
- Bennett I. Windheim - Artistic Director/Theatre North Collaborative

"JoAnna vividly reveals the humor, simplicity, and power of the relationships...it was a pleasure to witness the collaboration between the playwright's text and the human poetry that JoAnna produced on stage."
- Margot Lewitin - Artistic Director/Women's Interart Theatre

"...the whole production ["Later"] was illuminated by the observance of, and a reverance (in a most thoughtful sense) for what makes theatre an experience distinct from any other performing art."
- The Reverend Thomas P. Miller - Cathederal of St. John the Devine, NYC

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